Support for legislative reforms


Support for legislative reforms

Reform, adoption and harmonization of firearms legislation is a cornerstone for successfully tackling small arms problems. The Forum has extensive relations and co-operates with both parliamentary bodies and other actors for the advancement of legislation reforms. Bringing firearms legislations into accordance with legally binding instruments – international, regional or sub-regional – is also a natural aim of the Forum’s work.

Based on the experience of legislative reforms in Central America, firearms legislation covering all aspects and activities related to small arms and light weapons are most effective when there are fewer possible loopholes to exploit. To further advance more effective forms of legislation, the Forum offers MPs opportunities for exchange on “best practices”, as well as participation in different processes regarding “model legislation”.

The Model Law on Firearms, Ammunition and Related Materials

The purpose of the Model Law is to provide a template with which countries can compare their own domestic arms legislation in order to identify areas of improvement as well as aid the regional harmonisation or laws and common standards.

There is a great need to combine the paradigms of 'control' and 'disarmament' The first refers to the illegal nature of firearms and attempts to reduce the excess of  illegal firearms in a society,. The second paradigm points toward reducing the overall amount of firearms in society, including some of those in the legal market.

It attempts to reduce the (de facto) excess of firearms in society, expressed clearly in the thousands of deaths that the easy access and circulation of firearms fosters.

To date, few if any firearms law combines these paradigms in a comprehensive and complete instrument. Applying only one sort of measures carries little hope of successful reduction, prevention and repression of armed violence

The Model Law was commissioned by the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) and developed by the Forum in cooperation with the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation (SweFOR) and the Latin American organisations Latin American Coalition for the Prevention of Armed Violence (CLAVE) and Viva Rio. It was formally adopted by Parlatino in December 2008.

Please feel free to download a copy from here or contact the secretariat of the Forum for a hardcopy or +46 8 653 25 43

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