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November 28, 2016

General Assembly and Regional Seminar - “Small Arms and Light Weapons in light of the Agenda 2030 - Parliamentary Action for Peaceful & Inclusive Societies”

Montevideo, Uruguay 22-23 November 2016; the General Assembly and Regional Seminar “Small Arms and Light Weapons in light of the Agenda 2030 - Parliamentary Action for Peaceful & Inclusive Societies” of the Parliamentary Forum on SALW was successfully held at the Parliament of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

Parliamentarians from 13 countries in Africa, Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean took part in the two-day seminar, together with representatives of the Ministry of Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs in Uruguay, as well as experts from the civil society and international organisations.

The regional seminar explored the topics of Women, Peace and Security and SALW, International Conventional Arms Control Instruments in light of the Agenda 2030 SDG 16 (ATT and UNPoA), and Legislative tools/instruments for improved SALW armed violence prevention and reduction, with the expertise of the Asociación para Políticas Públicas, Asociación de Lucha para el Desarme Civil de Uruguay, the Instituto de Estudios Legales y Sociales del Uruguay, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and UN Women for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Assembly also adopted the Montevideo Declaration, emphasizing the legislative, oversight and awareness raising role of parliamentarians in transforming the SDGs to enforceable laws, regulations and building national ownership, as well as pinpointing the role of women in armed violence prevention and reduction as imperative for successful sustainable peace and security in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

A new board was elected which will be led by Senator Daisy Tourné, Uruguay.

President: Daisy Tourné, Senator Uruguay

Vice President: Maria Andersson Willner, MP Sweden.

Vincent de Paul Emah Etoundi, MP Cameroon

José Figueroa, MP Nicaragua

Dr. Sahar Qawasmi, MP Palestine

Dr. Raphael Chegeni, MP Tanzania

Maria Pia Devoto, Asociación para Políticas Públicas


The final report of the General Assembly and Regional Seminar is available here.

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