Conventional Ammunition Stockpiles

October 24, 2008

Since 2001 there have been at least 143 undesirable explosive events in ammunition storage depots, resulting in over 3,647 fatalities and 4,487 injured. Most of these events were preventable and governments must accept their duty of care for future management of conventional ammunition stockpiles. Inappropriately managed and insecure national stockpiles of conventional ammunition present an imminent threat to local communities, a security threat to societies and, ultimately, impact on national security. Hundreds die every year because of failures to maintain and manage deteriorating ammunition stockpiles.

Many more die through the use of diverted conventional ammunition in conflict and by organised crime. The impact that such explosive events have on lives, health, livelihoods, housing, the environment and sustainable development is difficult to estimate; yet the resultant costs after an explosion of health care, explosive ordnance disposal clearance, environmental damage and loss of direct and indirect income are high.

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